Matt Eriksson
Senior Creative Producer

Original Productions

Full length productions

Having been involved in all aspects of production I have had the opportunity to work in various capacities on several long-form production aimed at broadcast and streaming services.


6-hour live stream of Disney fan event at Disneyland Paris. This large scale production included studio segments, stage performances, remote interviews and parades. The across multiple social media platforms

Responsibilities: Creative lead, concept, script, direction and editing.

1 x 6 hours

1 x 90 min special

Music Academy

Reality series following a group of students at a music school in rural Sweden.

Responsibilities: Concept, script, direction and editing.

1 x 60” pilot

6 x 42"

Original Productions

Art Attack

3 seasons of the arts and crafts series Art Attack. Based on the classic UK format and hosted by Leon Jiber.

Responsibilities: Executive Producer

64 x 22"

Original Productions

My Camp Rock

Talent show featuring children from Norway, Sweden and Denmark competing for a recording contact. The two seasons featured a celebrity judging panel and were hosted by Eric Saade and Molly Sandén.

Responsibilities: Executive Producer

22 x 22"

Original Productions

Football Academy

Series where children from Norway, Sweden and Denmark take on challenges in the ultimate football experience. Hosted by professional footballer John Arne Riise.

Responsibilities: Concept and Executive Producer

6 x 22"

Original Productions

Development and franchise support

Provided development and script feedback on multiple original productions such as Violetta, Soy Luna, Royal Ranch and Penny on Mars. Also led the production of supporting on-air and social media content for launch and sustain of the franchises in the European market.

Original Productions


Hired as Creative Producer to elevate content and production value of the second season of the adventure cooking show Cookabout for South African channel SABC.

Responsibilities: Creative Producer

18 x 22"

Original Productions

As The Bell Rings

Nordic spin-off to the US comedy series As The Bell Rings.

Responsibilities: Development supervisor & Creative Producer

52 x 10"