Matt Eriksson
Senior Creative Producer

Music Videos

Fire (from Camp Rock)

Executive producer for music video for the Scandinavian version of the song 'Fire' from the film Camp Rock. The music video features Ola Svensson, Endre Nordvik and Muhammad Ali and has over 500k views on YouTube.

Vendela - It's Not Too Late

I worked as Executive Producer for the talent show 'My Camp Rock'. Vendela Hollstrom won the second season of the show and we produced a music video for the song 'It's Not Too Late' which has had over 952,000 views to date.

Clara Rugaard - Verden Ligger aben nu (from Violetta)

Executive producer of music videos for Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the song from the popular TV-show 'Violetta'. The Danish version features breakout star Clara Rugaard (I Am Mother (Netflix), The Rising (Sky))

Julie Bjerre - Vinger

Producer of vocals and music videos for Sweden, Norway and Denmark in support of the lunch of the TV-series Soy Luna's in the Nordics.